Why Union?

Childcare is essential, and every worker deserves a safe and respectful working environment, fair wages, and benefits.



In Canada, unionized workers have better working conditions, higher salaries, and health and welfare benefits. More than 30% of all workers in Canada belong to a union.


Why UWG?  

We are the new standard. We are a flexible and unique hybrid union that works with you and for you each step of the way. 



UWG will advocate on your behalf and is committed to making your interests a priority because WE WORK FOR YOU.


Why pay Union Dues?  

Dues guarantee protection and legal representation to safeguard salaries, benefits, working conditions, and collective bargaining costs.



Union dues are a small percentage of your income and are tax-deductible. Dues subsidize contract negotiations that enforce workplace safety, health regulations and ensures you are treated with dignity and respect in the workplace.